Local Plan Representations

Local Plan Representations

Planning is a complex subject and it is always advisable to obtain advice at an early stage.


The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 introduced a new approach to the Local Plan process. The current system intends to provide a more rapid preparation and review of land available for development purposes. It also enables greater public participation.


In 2012, the National Planning Policy Framework was published. This provides guidance for Councils and developers on the matters that must be considered in relation to development proposals.


Local Development Framework monitoring is an essential part of planning policy work. At BJC, we are retained and regularly instructed to carry out this monitoring process to ensure that land and development is promoted at the appropriate time.


This process is complex and often takes several years. For the landowner or developer it is likely to involve:

  • Making the Council aware that your land is available and suitable for development;
  • Putting forward a case for a change in policy, for example from countryside to part of the defined urban area or seeking the allocation of land for development;
  • Monitoring the Local Development Framework process and making further representations when necessary. If a stage is missed then the chance to promote your land/development may be lost for several years.


BJC Planning are active in making representations on the wide range of documents being produced by Local Planning Authorities to ensure that our clients are given every opportunity to obtain development.

The practice works with a range of clients from major house builders, local developers and land owners to guide them through the complex processes.