In the event of a refusal of permission BJC Planning can advise on the appropriateness of making an appeal or offer an alternative approach to the proposal.


Planning appeals provide an opportunity to challenge the reasonableness of a Council’s decision.


Appeals are made to the Planning Inspectorate and ensure consideration of your proposal by an independent Inspector. We can advise on the overall prospects of pursuing the appeal, the best method to follow and the likely cost of this.


There are three methods:-

  • Written Representations: this involves the submission of the case in writing. An Inspector visits the site but no discussion is permitted.
  • Hearings: discussion of the case before an Inspector followed by a site visit.
  • Public Inquiries: Normally a formal presentation in front of an Inspector allowing cross examination of witnesses. This is only appropriate for more complex cases.


Award of Costs for unreasonable behaviour maybe sort depending on the circumstances on each case.