The Rowans Hospice, Waterlooville



BJC Planning has advised The Rowans Hospice for many years. The Hospice is situated in the countryside outside Purbrook but the development now known as “Berewood” and formerly known as the West of Waterlooville Major Development Area will border the site in due course. The Trustees have been concerned about the impact of this development of 3000 new houses. BJC Planning monitors this development and advises The Rowans on measures to minimise the consequences.


In this role, BJC Planning has also advised on the development of the “Living Well Project”. In November 2013, a planning application was submitted with the intention of providing a second building which would focus on non-medical therapy care. The “Living Well Centre” provides respite care, specialised treatment and support services for both patients and their families. A revised design was submitted in March 2016 which was granted planning permission in June 2016 and construction of the Centre is now complete.


This new building is intentionally separate from the pre-existing building because they provide different services. The practice has also obtained planning permission for a new path to link the Hospice to the Living Well Centre to enable staff and patients. A buggy service will be used to transfer people back and forth between each building.