Land at Idmiston Porton Wiltshire

Land at Idmiston Porton, Wiltshire



The proposal site is one of 10 identified as being potentially suitable for development in the NP, under references P1A (Land on north side of Winterslow Road, east of rail bridge, Porton) and P1B (Land on north side of Winterslow Road, adjoining P1A to the east). Each segment is identified as having the potential for the delivery of 10 dwellings. P1A was favoured by 87% of respondents which is higher than P7A Horefield (79%) while P1B was favoured by 77% of respondents.

Self Build and Custom Build

Self build and custom build housing is housing built by individuals or groups for their own use, either by building the home on their own or by working with builders.

There are various types of self build and custom build projects:-

  • Individual self build or custom build where an individual purchases a plot and builds a house to live in. They may do some or all of the work themselves or employ a builder to oversee the work;
  • Developer led custom build where a developer divides a larger site into individual plots and provides a design and build service to purchasers.

Custom build

Custom build gives aspiring homebuilders the tools to design the house of their dreams, whilst leaving it to the professionals to build it into reality. The result is your home how you want it – without the burden and risk traditionally associated with a full self-build project.

A Serviced Plot

Both custom build and self build must be provided with all services. A serviced plot is defined is a plot of land that has access to a public highway and has connections for electricity, water and waste foul drainage at the plot boundary.
Connections for electricity, water and waste water means that the services must either be provided to the boundary of the plot so that connections can be made as appropriate during construction or adequate alternative arrangements must be possible such as the use of a cesspit rather than mains drainage.


The Council’s highway officer has been consulted and it was recommended that:

  • A 3m shared path should be constructed across the site frontage
  • The site is within the 30mph limit, although the site extends into the national speed limit
  • It is possible that the 30mph speed limit will need to be extended further east
  • The international layout should be to an adoptable standard together with turning heads, tracking for the bin lorry and drainage

There are no overriding highway constraints.


Site is shown as Flood Zone 1. It is not affected by surface water flooding. However, mitigation is required to ensure that surface water is captured on site.
Foul drainage has not been investigated.


A phase 1 ecological survey has been prepared Lindsay Carrington Ecological Services. The ecological report recommends further survey work for reptiles and bats. There are no overriding constraints.