Hamble Wood, Heath House Lane, Hedge End

Hamble Wood, Heath House Lane, Hedge End


Bargate Homes are working on a new residential development on the southern side of Hedge End.

It was resolved to grant planning permission subject to a Section 106 agreement and conditions for the development of 123 dwelling units on 24th September 2020 at Planning Committee.  The scheme provides a mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses and apartments.  The accommodation is provided in a mix of two and three storey buildings.  The site is served from Heath House Lane with pedestrian links to Tanhouse Lane.


The initial submission of 107 dwellings did not meet with the Council’s density requirements and changes to the design and layout of the development were also sought.

The revised scheme provides an attractive 15m landscaped corridor which provides a buffer to the Site of Importance to Nature Conservation and to the Ancient Woodland to the south of the site.  This land also provides for ecological mitigation providing a refuge for wildlife and a bat corridor along the edge of the wood.


A large drainage basin is to be provided at the eastern end of the landscaped corridor which will form part of the surface water drainage strategy.  The flow of water into this basin will be attenuated.  Two areas within the drainage basin are to be permanently wet and planted to act as filtration beds for cleaning the water and for removing nitrates.  The surface water drainage will pass through three levels of filtration as required, and then within the filtration beds sufficient nitrates will be removed from the water such that the site as a whole can meet nitrate neutrality tests.


Work is continuing on preparing the S106 agreement, on finalising drainage proposals with Natural England and on minor amendments to the layout to respond to consultation responses, prior to the issue of the permission.