Botley Mills, Botley



Planning permissions have now been granted by both Eastleigh Borough Council and Winchester City Council to provide a staff car park and amenity area accessed via a bridge over the River Hamble for the site of Botley Mills. This proposal is unusual in that it straddles the boundary of two Local Planning Authority areas necessitating consents from both Councils.


The additional car parking is required to help relieve congestion in the existing car park and thereby to create more space for both those who visit and work at the site. The amenity space will provide an area for staff to use particularly in the summer months.


These facilities will be beneficial to the businesses and staff of those who occupy the Mill buildings. The maintenance of profitable businesses within the buildings is essential to the future of the Mill buildings. The provision of steady income will ensure investment into the maintenance and improvement of the fabric of the building.


Negotiations on these applications were especially complex because of the number of issues to be covered simultaneously with two different Local Planning Authorities. It was necessary to address a wide range of concerns including the ecology of the river and the river banks, drainage and construction implications, the impact on trees, the impact/benefits for the Listed Building, the consequences for the Conservation Areas.


Following the successful outcome of the application the owners of the Mill have now implemented the scheme.  The new car park is served by an attractive bridge over the River Hamble.  Parking at the front of the Mill is now more readily available for visitors to the premises.